CNAME Customize your own domain name

Customize your own domain name to get links like links.company.com instead of hi.switchy.io. To get your own domain name, follow the steps below.

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How add your domain name?

1. Login to your hosting domain provider 2. In the domain settings section, look for DNS settings. 3. Once you are in the DNS settings, create a CNAME record of your choice that point to links.switchy.io. (learn more). 4. Wait for the DNS propagation. 5. Add your subdomain to the "Add your own custom domain name" section on the right.

Add your own custom domain

link.yourbrand.comYour domain is required


Deep linking

What is deep linking? Deep linking is a technology that launches an app and sends users on mobile devices directly to a specific page inside this app when they click on a URL. In a nutshell, a deep link will detect the device used by the one who clicks and will redirect him to the most relevant version of a page depending on the device he is using and whether the app is downloaded or not.

Messenger Links

Updated 10 Jan 2021
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