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Step by step guide to work with our design kits

First of all thanks for purchasing OxyMonster. Please follow this step by step guide to get started with us in the best and easiest way.

1. Download and install our OxyMonster Plugin

If you have the access, you can download our plugin from this link: OxyMonster Framework You can check the license key for the plugin and the download link as shown in the image below.

Now copy the license key and upload the zip file in the Wordpress admin plugins area and activate the plugin.

2. Activate the license & Install the base framework

Now click on OxyMonster Framework Menu link in the Wordpress admin panel and go to license tab to verify the license with the license key you got in the step 1. Click save changes and after the license key is saved. Click on Activate license to verify the license.

Once the license is activated, just go to the welcome tab to install the base framework. Base Framework is what you need in most of the cases.

Note: If you arre intalling our framework in a fresh new site, we recommend you to click on Import global colors as well. If not, or if you want to use your own global color settings or if you have already created global colors for your website. Please proceed to "Install the base framework" button without Import global colors checkbox on.

Now click on Install Base Framework Button to install our framework to start working with our design kits.

By now, you have successfully installed our base framework selectors and the style sheets you need to get started with our framework.

Note: If you are working on a fresh new website without any design kit, now you can start working with creating designs as you want with our utility classes. But if you want to use one of our design kits to kick start your website designing process, You can go ahead and read rest of the article.

3. Working with our design kits

You will get access to our design kits by purchasing our individual design kits or by All-Access unlimited access pass. By having one of them you can jump start your web designing process. All our design kits are very well organized and designined using the OxyMonster Framework and with specific design guidelines to make your designs look more professional and beautiful.

You can check all our design kits in the Dashboard to get access to them.

From the dashboard page, you can click on leftside menu items to go to the particular design set page to get access to them for your domains.

If you have access to the kit, you will see an input box to add your domain. Once you add the domain (without https only https domains work, no trailing slashes) click submit. You will get the license key to use in the Oxygen builder to get access to that kit for the domain you have submitted.

You can Enable/Disable/Delete the domain access using the options provided in the Manage kit page.

Just copy the license key you have got from the above steps. And go to your Oxygen settings -> Library page to add our design kit to your Oxygen Builder.

Click on Enable 3rd party Design Sets and click on Add Design Set link to add the license key.

Add the license key you got from our manage kit page and click on submit button.

You have successfully added our design kit to your website. Now you can access our blocks in the Oxygen Builder in a regular Oxygen way, as you normally access any other design kit.

explanation: to access go in oxygen builder to +add /library /

Highlighted source: https://readermode.io/read/o0NmfyAcuvqw Original source: https://oxymonster.com/help/documentation/

Updated 24 Dec 2020
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